Here you can find a list ten books that will help you to prepare for your cruising. There are many more interesting cruising books, but this small selection is good starting point:


  1. World Cruising Handbook by Jimmy Cornell – This book lists nearly any port of call you can think of, the customs regulations, ports of entry, visa requirements and other formalities such as that. It’s like an encyclopedia for cruising and is very useful when internet is not available and when we are passage planning.



  1. World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell – This book is fantastic for planning cruising routes. It tells you when to go where, and where you don’t want to be and when. It’s a great resource for passage planning and Jimmy Cornell is the authority on world cruising routes.

    3. How to Sail Around the World by Hal Roth The author has created a very comprehensive guide to cruising that covers everything from essential gear to storm tactics. It can be very technical, but much of it reads very easily. Full of great tips, tricks and information.


  1. Mechanical and Electrical Manual by Nigel Calder – This is a must-have book. You’ll be grateful you have it because it will be the first place you look when something fails.






  1. Cruising Handbook by Nigel Calder – Calder is quickly rising in the ranks as “the” cruising authority and this book is proof positive. It is chock full of great, useful information that is covered in a very accessible way. It is a fantastic volume that doesn’t leave a single subject uncovered.


  1. The Cost Conscious Cruiser by Lin and Larry Pardey – The Pardey’s focus is on simplicity and how to really maintain a boat well on a budget the right way. They are in the “hard core” camp of cruisers and many people chose not to live exactly like them, but their advice and the tips they provide are apparently saving people money all over the place.

    7. The Voyager’s Handbook by Beth Leonard – It’s a incredible real cruising book that covers it all – from navigation to meal planning, from how to manage life at sea to storm tactics – Beth goes into great detail about the life of a voyaging sailor. This book will provide you with some fantastic tips and tricks to help you get underway.



  1. Chapman Piloting & Seamanship by Charles B. Husick – This book is considered by many a skipper as a “bible” and we use it frequently as a reference. There are a lot of rules when it comes to sailing and navigation andkKnowing who has the right of way in what situation can be the difference between an afternoon sail and a disaster. Furthermore, if you ever want to get your captain’s license – or at the very least know what you need to know to be incredibly competent on the water – this book is for you.


  1. The Morrow Guide to Knots by Mario Bigon and Guido Regazzoni – Lets face it, we don’t know all the knots we need to know. How do you attach two different sizes of lines if you want to make a longer line? The diagrams are clear and replicating the knots is easy with their step by step pictures.
  2. The American Practical Navigator: Bowditch – It’s dense book but it is the definitive authority when it comes to all things navigation. This book is carried on the bridge of every single US Navy Ship and it should probably be in yours as well. I might also include a book on weather predicting.