The latest design in safety trapeze harnesses, this product was developed with the aim of reducing the risk of entrapment for trapeze sailors. This was achieved by the removal of the hook from the traditional trapeze harness. The result of which is a product that is far safer than is currently available, with many of the problems associated with similar systems having been eliminated.

With the cooperation of Julian Bethwaite, the ‘Keyball’ system has been refined by the use of 3D modelling and 3D printing to achieve a simple product that works. The advantages of this system are:

• The 3D profile of the socket enables a smooth connection and release of the ball when the user requires it, whilst minimizing the chance of an unpredictable release.
• The simplicity of the design means that there are no moving parts which can be easily lost.
• The two piece design of the buckle allows the product to be adapted to fit all harness styles.

Ultimately by removing the hook from the sailor, the chance of damage caused by the hook has been greatly reduced as has the chances of entrapment in a capsize situation.