“Most sailors and boat owners have some degree of  difficulty finding people to go sailing with that they trust and to enjoy the hobby as much as they would like”, states Max Neira Schliemann, founder and CEO of the nautical platform BYDSEA. “Over time”, he adds, “recreational boats spend, on average, 80% of their time tied up in port”. Furthermore, sailing is a highly seasonal sport and extremely conditioned by geography and available time. With this in mind, the partners at BYDSEA began more than a year ago to build solutions that can create a network of trusted individuals, connect users with resources and complementary needs for those desiring to sail more.

BYDSEA, the “linkedin” of the seas that, apart from maintaining your marine profile and registering your nautical experiences and life, allows users to manage and expand their yachting community, access marine forecast and alerts to determine in advance the best time to sail, organize events and trips, log nautical miles traveled, announce opportunities, communicate with possible crew members, and invite friends, as well as other services.

As the founders have expressed, BYDSEA aspires to make “Meet & Sail” a reality, creating a hub where sailing enthusiasts the world over can collaborate in creating more opportunities to sail.

There are potentially 160 million sailors around the world and BYDSEA is confident in integrating at least 20% of these people.

As with any club, access is only possible through membership. The club is designed for individuals, groups and sailing clubs.