Easy to install and robust, the Evolution autopilot combines Raymarine’s autopilot expertise, FLIR Systems’ R&D, and advanced aerospace guidance technology to create Evolution Ai control algorithms that deliver a new level of accurate autopilot control.

Key Features:

Automagic™ – No lengthy calibration procedures to perform. No compass calibration required. Plug and play connections

Easy to install – Freedom from the restrictions of conventional heading sensors. EV sensor core can be installed above or below deck. Install upside-down or off the vessel’s centre line.

Aerospace technology – 9-axis precision monitoring of pitch, roll, yaw and heading.

Fuel efficient – Evolution autopilots steer so accurately they will save fuel and get you to your destination faster

Raymarine Evolution autopilot won one the award for Gear Innovation 2015 by Sailing Today (in association with NASA Marine). Editor of Sailing Today said ”In a strong field of nominees, voters were most impressed by Raymarine’s Evolution autopilot; it offers a step change in automatic helming.”.

If you race, cruise or fish this can be the perfect gear for you.

For more information, go to: http://www.raymarine.com/