Liz Clark, a bartender from San Diego, California, lifted anchor on her boat in 2006 at age 26, and has been independently sailing around the world ever since, with no plan to stop anytime soon.

Clark’s dream of sailing around the world was born when she was nine years old. Clark, her parents and her siblings took a six-month sailing trip from their home in San Diego to Mexico, a 5,000-mile voyage.

“My family has always had a sailboat and all my childhood memories of vacations are times we spent on the boat going out to Catalina and the Channel Islands,” Clark says.

She decided that it was time for her own boat—not only because she loved sailing, but because she wanted to “protect the natural world from human destruction,” according to her website,

Clark purchased the boat in 2005—which she named Swell—a vessel of surprisingly decent condition despite dating back to 1966. Still, Clark knew that the lengthy excursion she had envisioned demanded perfection, requiring a few extra touch-ups to the boat to prepare it for off-shore voyaging. In order to reconstruct her boat for these circumstances, she worked with professional marines and learned all about how boats work and all the technicalities that come with it: equipment, electrical systems, mechanics, and much more.


Clark is sponsored by outdoor clothing company, Patagonia, but she sails for personal growth, exploration and to work on local environmental projects. When she wasn’t sailing Swell across dangerous passages or inside flat lagoons, she anchored in numerous places where she met the locals, tended to her boat and surfed.

Liz feeds some small sharks whilst on an outer island in the French Polynesia in 2011, during her ten year trip around the world

The trip offered Liz the chance to do some teaching at a school in outer islands French Polynesia, in 2011Liz relaxing in the sea

Her travels around the world have given Liz memories to treasure forvever, including enjoying herself with the locals in Panama in 2007

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