See this photo gallery of the superb Hoek Design superyacht Wisp, taken while cruising in Norway

One of the most striking and beautiful yachts to be launched last year, Wisp sailed north to Norway on her maiden cruise, where this great shoot was done by photographer Cory Silken. This gallery shows the yacht in detail.

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-14-0513


Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-12-0194 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0027 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0771 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0405

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0416 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0138 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0095 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-12-0149 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0426-1 

Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-11-0422 

Next photos are from the gorgeous interior and guest cabins, plus deck details.


Wisp-lower dining cory silken_2014-06-10-0142


Wisp-lower salon cory silken_2014-06-10-0135


Wisp_Deck_012 - carlo baroncini


Wisp-owners deckhouse cory silken_2014-06-11-1103final


Wisp-owners suite cory silken_2014-06-10-0078final


Wisp-captains - guest cabin FWD cory silken_2014-06-10-0156final


Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-13-0112


Wisp_Deck_011 - carlo baroncini


Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-13-0098


More photos of the gorgeous interior and engine room

Wisp-main deckhouse cory silken_2014-06-11-1051final


Wisp-owners rotunda cory silken_2014-06-11-0564final 

Wisp-engine room cory silken_2014-06-10-0243 

Wisp-engine room cory silken_2014-06-10-0275 

Wisp-guest cabin STB cory silken_2014-06-10-0194