At day 10 on board Alvimedica it is growing a garden. The Sargasso Sea is living up to its name. The seaweed is everywhere – on the water, on the foils, on the foredeck, on the sails, and even on our sailors!

Beyond that, assumes that “we had have smelled like this before but the last days are taking things to a new level – it’s hot, windy, and wet. All of the hatches are closed including one of the two companionway doors so there’s no circulation of air, and with waves of water over the deck everyone who goes up comes down soaked. Nothing has a chance to dry and when you add some tropical temps and good old-fashioned sweat to the equation, this yacht is ripe for a stink. Fortunately the much-revered trade winds are living up to their hype and hurling us northwest towards Newport’s washing machines at over 20 knots. The northeast trades, strong winds that flow from areas of Atlantic high pressure towards the equatorial low pressure, are known for being constant and steady, blowing for days or weeks with little change in strength or direction. They make for amazing sailing conditions, albeit slightly monotonous ones, and maybe worse—it will be hard to find any sort of passing lanes when everyone is going the same speed. “