Mystery yacht: A sleek 287-foot superyacht, named Pacific, glided into San Diego’s harbor last month (and even anchored briefly off La Jolla Shores), raising both eyebrows and curiosity.

Its metallic paint changes hues in the sun and it’s outfitted with an outdoor cinema, two helicopter pads and a garage housing a mini submarine.

A little research revealed the Cayman Islands-flagged ship was built in 2010 by German designer Lurssen. However, ownership of these foreign-flagged vessels is difficult to determine.

One superyacht website suggests it may be the property of a Swiss business run by a Russian billionaire or an Eastern European couple. Word that it is owned by a Saudi race car aficionado also has floated through the local maritime community.

This only adds intrigue to the luxury yacht, which cruised here from Costa Rica and recently departed for Honolulu after about three weeks.

It’s no mystery, though, that its presence and replenishment of supplies was a mini boon to the local economy.