Weather analysis - Vendee Globe

While the first boats still sail at high speeds while approaching the Cape of Good Hope, the others are trying to position themselves ahead of the next low pressure system.


The first competitors are still sailing at high speeds as they approach the Cape of Good Hope, ahead of the front which has been following them for the past 6 days.  What is left of the front can be seen on the first chart. It looks like a little wave just behind the first 3 boats, pushing them in the good direction. This front is losing some of its energy and is now moving faster than the boats.  Thus the wind is going to decrease and it will shift to the SW behind the wave. The leaders are going to jibe just behind this undulation.

The following boats can then take advantage of the low pressure L4 which arrives from the West with more wind and which is going to allow them to accelerate in the direction of the Indian Ocean.

For the second group, they now nee to hang on to this low pressure area to move to the East and avoid the St Helena high which is set to block the South Atlantic from this weekend.