At 1110 hrs UTC, Morgan Lagravière, skipper of Safran, contacted his shore team to inform them of damage to his steering.

Sailing at a speed of 18-19 knots, the monohull Safran was knocked down. Morgan saw immediately that the starboard rudder had kicked up and that part of the rudder was broken, probably because of a collision with a UFO (unidentified floating object).

Morgan is fine and remaining in contact with his team to look at the possibility of carrying out repairs and continuing the race.

Position at 1400hrs UTC, 24th November 2016

Safran 4th 236.20 miles from the leader Hugo Boss

Speed 21 knots, average wind speed and direction: 30-35 knot northerly.

Position: 34°05.49° S – 12° 42.15 W 1500 miles west of the Cape of Good Hope.