Vendee Globe weather analysis

All the boats will soon be sailing in the Southern low pressure systems.

According to their timing of arrival in the South Atlantic low pressure systems, the competitors sail in a different system. The four leaders are still sailing ahead of the cold front which has been following them for several days. The three following boats are now behind this front, looking for the next low pressure system. The group made up of Jean Le Cam, Jean-Pierre Dick and Thomas Ruyant should see this cold front passing in their South during the day. They will have missed it by a few hours. They will probably sail from tomorrow ahead of the 3rd cold front which arrives from the West.

Once in a weather system, the objective is to manage to navigate as long as possible in the Northerly winds. As soon the wind shifts West, it is necessary to think of repositioning for the next low pressure, which is what Maître Coq and SMA are doing at the present time.

The second group of competitors is still fighting in the light winds of the high pressure system off the Brazilian coast. The wind should increase from Thursday from the West. At the end of the week, all the competitors will be sailing in the roaring forties.