Tuesday, March 28, 2017




Generations learnt to sail on Warwick Hood’s yachts

Naval architect Warwick Hood was perhaps best known as the designer of Dame Pattie, the 12-metre yacht that challenged for the America's Cup in...

The 2015 Bernard Gallay Charter Race Fleet: Gentleman Racing

Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage has presented a new Racing Charter Fleet to create a new experience on board both modern and classic sailing yachts,...

Come on board the award-winning 156ft superyacht Wisp

See this photo gallery of the superb Hoek Design superyacht Wisp, taken while cruising in Norway One of the most striking and beautiful yachts to...

The 147m sailing superyacht White Pearl hits the water

The highly anticipated sailing yacht White Pearl has been launched from the German shipyard Nobiskrug’s facilities in Kiel on Friday. Measuring a staggering 147...


The Coast Guard’s Gift Ideas For 12 Nautical Days Of Christmas

Safety equipment
The U.S. Coast Guard, as a public service to holiday gift shoppers, announced Friday its recommended USCG Approved gifts for 12 nautical days of...
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