Tuesday, August 22, 2017




Beginner Boats

If you ask two sailors about almost anything, you will get at least three opinions. There is no more controversial a question than what...

How to buy a superyacht like you’re Larry Page or Mark Cuban

Nothing quite says "I've made it" like a luxury yacht decked out with amenities. The superyacht has become a status symbol among the wealthiest in...

First sailing pictures of Galateia, the latest racer-cruiser to join a growing wallycento class

The wallycento class of maxi-style 100ft racer-cruisers continues to gain momentum with the launch of its third boat, Galateia – and there are more...

New Boats: Multihulls on the Horizon

  Gunboat 78 The third in the new line of Gunboats designed by Nigel Irens, this 78-footer shares the avant-garde styling of the 60 and 55,...


The Coast Guard’s Gift Ideas For 12 Nautical Days Of Christmas

Safety equipment
The U.S. Coast Guard, as a public service to holiday gift shoppers, announced Friday its recommended USCG Approved gifts for 12 nautical days of...
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