Wednesday, May 24, 2017




How a Boat Launched a Legacy

It all began in 1966 with a Sparkman & Stephens-designed 36-footer commissioned by local builder Pekka Koskenkylä. Pekka had the intuition and the ability...

Come on board the award-winning 156ft superyacht Wisp

See this photo gallery of the superb Hoek Design superyacht Wisp, taken while cruising in Norway One of the most striking and beautiful yachts to...

MACIF: an Ultime for the ultimate solo round the world race

With the ORMA 60 and MOD70 trimaran classes successfully killed off, you would have thought that French multihull sailors might do the sensible thing...

Sunrise Yachts Rolls Out 63-meter Superyacht “Irimari”

Turkey-based yacht manufacturer Sunrise Yachts is proud of their latest creation, the 63-meter superyacht "Irimari". The company has posted a photo showing the elegant...


The Coast Guard’s Gift Ideas For 12 Nautical Days Of Christmas

Safety equipment
The U.S. Coast Guard, as a public service to holiday gift shoppers, announced Friday its recommended USCG Approved gifts for 12 nautical days of...
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