List of things to do while Sailing in Thailand


1. Snorkel or Dive at Mu Ko Similan National Park

underwater Turtle at Mu Ko Similan National Park in Thailand

Unsurprisingly, Thailand’s crystal clear waters and breath-taking rock formations create some of the world’s most spectacular diving sites, especially when we consider Mu Ko Similan National Park. Comprising of 11 granite islands roofed in tropical rainforest which plunge underwater to form gorgeous coral reefs peppered in a rainbow of marine life, this spot arguably boasts some of the world’s best underwater and above-water beauty. The 30-metre underwater visibility is what draws divers and snorkelers to this patch of the Indian Ocean, and the exotic array of marine life is what ensures they return time and time again.

The dive sites are ideal for every experience level and offer dramatic granite boulder formations for unique seascapes on the west coast of the islands, whilst on the east coast white powered-sands slope from the surface to about 40 metres. The coral gardens extend all the way down and are teeming with fish, turtles, manta rays, moray eels, red grouper, and if you’re extra-vigilant white tip sharks, giant lobster and colossal tuna.

Keep your eyes peeled above water for white-bellied sea eagles, black kite bird species, bush tailed porcupine, flying lemur and over 16 species of bat. The white, sandy shorelines and impressive plethora of incredible species above and below you make this national park a must visit on your luxury yacht charter.