Symi Greece Sailing destination

Thrumming with day-trippers, beautiful Symi (see-me) evokes oohs and aahs from ferry passengers before they’ve even got off the boat!

For sailing into the Italianate harbour of Gialos with its biscuit- and wine-coloured houses is a sight for sore eyes. Indeed if the Greek isles were models, Symi would be the dainty diva, drawing as she does regular visits from Hollywood A listers. Gialos (the capital) must surely have one of the prettiest ports in the whole of the Dodecanese (thanks to Italian colonisation) with its neoclassical facades. Above it rising steeply up the mountainside is the village of Horio, to which it is connected by the Kali Strata, a steep cobbled stairway winding through sea captains’ houses and crumbling remains.

This magical island aglitter with crystal-clear water so transparent in places the boats look as if they’re floating on thin air, has plenty of blue coves and beaches to explore, as well as professional walking tour operators.