The Kingdom of Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles.  From the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok to the indigenous hill tribes found in remote regions, a peaceful, joyful spirit surrounds every aspect of the Thai way of life.  Thailand is one of the strongest Buddhist countries in the world, with peace, generosity, tolerance and the search for enlightenment meaning that daily life is approached with happiness, respect and a calm nature.

Thai beaches are world famous for luxurious sands, the inviting ocean waters and the stunning scenery that frames it all.  With thousands of miles of beaches, some offering lively parties and others remote tranquility, you can enjoy your sailing holiday at your own pace. The climate of Thailand is tropical, with an average annual temperature of 82 F.

The traditional lifestyle of Thailand has survived for centuries almost unchanged, a sign of the peace and calmness that many Thai people enjoy, ensuring the warmest of welcomes for any visitor.