Wednesday, May 24, 2017




Sailing through Nova Scotia by Ida Little

Much farther and there will be no turning back. We’ll be committed to a narrow slot that is literally between a rock and a...

Australia Sailing Destination

A country of contrasts, beautiful and extraordinary Australia will enchant you with its kaleidoscope of different landscapes, colors, sights and experiences. Located just off the...

The Islands of the Pacific Northwest

I was reminded of a few things during my week of cruising in the Pacific Northwest—you can’t always trust a weather forecast, it is...

Cruising Maldives

It was only a few years ago that visiting islands in Maldives was relatively restricted; tourists weren’t just funneled to resort islands, they were...


10 top tips for shorthanded sailing

We sailed with UK solo sailor Alan Roberts at Cowes Week 2015, where we were able to glean some valuable advice for the growing...
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