Tuesday, March 28, 2017




Spain Sailing Destination

Sailing in Spain offers the chance to discover a landscape full of charm and character, with sandy beaches and marinas aplenty. A land on the...

Beaches in the Bahamas that you can’t miss

1. Shroud Cay, The Exumas The Exuma chain comprises of approximately 365 islands and cays, making them a yacht chartering paradise. One such secluded...

Travel Experience: Yachts & Yoga in Turkey

I'm looking out of a sea-view window, wondering where the sun is. There's a thick fog looming over the water, giving the bay in...

Seychelles Sailing Destination

Scattered like exquisite jewels across the velvety Indian Ocean, these archipelago of islands remain one of the world’s greatest sailing destinations. From glimmering coral atolls...


Spring Maintenance

Inspecting Your Sailboat A thorough inspection allows you to identify and fix any problems before you get out on the water. While you should...
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