Cost: >$400,000

We’ve heard the Lagoon 380 referred to as the ‘Toyota’ of the catamaran world. Safe, reliable, well built but somewhat lacking in flair, performance and style. That might be a reasonable analogy but we would add the caveat that it’s a fully spec’d Toyota with plenty of luxury features and more than enough zoom to stay up with the pack off the lights.

For a catamaran at the entry level end of the spectrum this yacht still delivers roomy accommodation for up to four couples, a wonderfully light and airy salon and the trademark double doors out to the rear cockpit that creates a very usable indoor/outdoor living space.

The ‘up’ galley means that meal preparation and socializing are done hand in hand and the cook isn’t trapped down stairs.

Head height in the salon is more than adequate thanks to the vertical windows and flat roof line and terrific hull design means there’s plenty of headroom in the staterooms as well.

The Lagoon 380 will make coastal cruising or blue water crossings a more than enjoyable living experience.

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