To preserve the beauty of tall-ship sailing, a group of highly motivated people with high quality knowledge of building traditional ships, invite you to join in with the idea of building, launching and sailing an exact replica of the most famous, most beautiful and, arguably the most perfect sailing ship in the world’s history – a replica of the clipper ship Cutty Sark.

The original ship still exists and it can be seen in a museum located in Greenwich. With the most careful restoration made, she gives all the information needed to build a true, historically accurate replica using traditional methods: a genuine tea-clipper, which will, once again, sail around the world.

The construction site has yet to be finalized and although the foundation is looking at the UK as first choice, the final decision will be influenced by cost, ease of access and accommodation and it will be build by professionals and volunteers to be used as a living museum, sail training and cargo ship.

All the help is needed and the team is looking for volunteers and contributors.

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